Bus records team are so proud to present a remix package EP of one of our previous hits
"Elsewhere" by our own D-sens

Jamie Stevens, known for his special deep tech house and techno production
and also known as one of the producer behind the infamous Infusion from Australia
provide another excellent deep tech house remix while MOD2 from Paris,
also known as Prime Time explored the minimal side of the track to provide a very interesting,
avant-garde minimal remix of this wonderful hypnotic tune.
Hope you like this package as much as we liked to compile it for you !!!
style: Techouse / Techno / Minimal
Exclusive pre Release date: 24 December 2010
Release date: 7 February 2011
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DJ feedback

Pena // Flow records // Portugal
jamie stevens is massive. will play like for a while.
original is cool too.
Norihiko Kawai/Nori // Posivision mag // Japan
Sounds cool,
Jamie Stevens rmx is awesome!!
mod 2 rmx is cool depth tune!!
original is groovy!!
Manuel Sofia // MOS // Argentina
this ep is massive... I'm loving Jamie's remix as well
Michal Ruzicka // Shades of Gray // BEEF records
Nice remix by Jamie. Originals are also cool.
James Monroe // Tropical beats // Brazil
wicked remix..nice ep..thanks!
Jesse Kuch // Open records // Time out // Australia
"Jamie's mix is sublime and definitely my pick, but the whole package will get a play from me... great stuff again from BUS"
Damon Eves // Rainbow serpent // Australia
1. Jamies remix is cool, more deeply psychedelic than his usal offerings. 7.5/10
2. Beautiful and modern sound. I like that 8/10
3. Awesome kick bass, groovey as hell. Musical and tweaked.. easily the pick of the bunch for me 8.5/10





Mastered by Préférence Mastering